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Prestressing a concrete structure is to make use of an intelligent, efficient and durable technology that enables various features, such as:

• Large spans and overloads;
• Control and reduction of deformations and cracks;
• Possibility of use in hard environments;
• Bold architectural projects;
• Application in prefabricated pieces;
• Recovery and reinforcement of structures;
• Slimmer slabs than the equivalent made with reinforced concrete: can reduce the total height of a building, such as the weight and loading of its foundations.

With over than 30 years of experience, WCH guarantees the manufacture of prestressing equipment with several benefits, both in production, operation, as in safety, providing savings of strands and manpower due to the automatic front wedging. The handling of the WCH prestressing equipment is simple and safe. The Jack is transported by the side handles of the Power Unit. The set is assembled on wheels, allowing its use anywhere in the factory or in the construction site.
The equipment consists of: Power Unit (pump) and Automatic Hydraulic Prestressing Jack..
• Driving Unit
• Automatic Prestressing Jack
The 16Ton and 24Ton Jacks may be applied for post-tension in the manufacturing of structures and beams bridges produced in factories, with the replacing of the adapter ring.

The automatic operation of the Jack's internal grip and of the clamping of the wedges ensures safe use of the equipment. Just push a button for grabbing and for tensioning or for wedging and for returning, obtaining so a high quality prestressing, where operational failures are avoided by the automatic system.

• At the moment the wire/strand is grabbed by the internal grip, the wedge is released.

• Keeping activated the prestressing command, the wire/strand is automatically tensioned according to the preset force in Power Unit. All wires/strands receive the same force.

• Activating the return command, the automatic wedging of the wedge ensures the attachment of the steel, and the main piston returns to the starting position for opening the grip.

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