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The set for de-stressing (pump and hydraulic cylinders) are used to make a smoothly transfer of the prestressing load from the anchoring banks to the prefabricated element, composed of:

Hydraulic Electric Unit or Manual; with pressure 700 bar, it has a quick-coupling system for adaptation of cylinders, which allows it to be used with different cylinders. Assembled on wheels that facilitate mobility.

Hydraulic cylinders of simple acting with capacities of 70, 100, 150, 200 and 300Tons and stroke of 150/200/300mm.

Set of support (briefcase type) Allows cylinders can be removed from the anchoring heads, transported from one place to another and used on another lane for de-stressing work.
It is needed 4 pieces per anchoring heads.

Set of support (horseshoe type): ): Do not allow the cylinders are removed from the anchoring heads and transported from one place to another. The cylinders can not be used in other work lane for de-stressing.
It is needed 2 pieces per anchoring heads.

Anchoring banks (Set of Anchoring Heads)
The sets of anchoring banks are used for the positioning and fixing of the steels in factories that produce prefabricated elements with machines or molds.
They are provided according to the profile to be produced and the load to be applied. WCH provides execution project and foundation.

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