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Manufactured by WCH with automated process, high-strength material, dimensional accuracy and a rigorous inspection system that ensures maximum safety and quality during the prestressing procedure.
Available in several sizes to meet the diameters of prestressing strands existing in the market.
Opened Wedge-housing
Used in the anchoring heads where is held the prestressing procedure (active) and can also be used at the anchoring head where it makes the de-stressing procedure (passive).
Closed Wedge-housing
Used in the side of de-stressing (passive), due to the use of cover and spring are practical, ensure the positioning of the wedges and the fixing of the steels, avoiding the control of the operator in the danger zone.
Coupled Wedge-housing (Connector)
Used to connect the steels in sectioned profiles, maximizing the use of prestressing steels (recovery), and preventing loss of steels
Internal Grip for Jacks (jaws) 

In strands: It is advisable to use the steps of smaller teeth. In the case of high stresses, use grips with step of 1 - 1.5 mm.

In strands: can be used bi and tripartite grips. The medium and bigger steps are more advantageous.

De-stressing device: 

The device is used for de-stressing a wire or a strand with the Jack when errors occur during the prestressing process. For example: mistake of a steel placing or a greater prestressing than the adequate. The device model is defined by the type of wedge-housing.

Jack Extender: 

The extender of the prestressing Jack is used when the space between the steels does not allow the wedging head touch to the wedge-housing. The model is defined by the type of wedge-housing in use and Jack capacity.

Special Tools for Grip Exchange

Tool for removing the grip from the Jack: , ensures speed and security in the grip replacement activities and ensures that the Jack will not suffer damage during its replacement.

Device for releasing the grip: facilitates the removal of the grip from the cylinder cover without damaging the springs.

Accessories for replacing the sealing gaskets

For measurement of prestressing equipment due to the internal friction of the Jack and tolerances on the manometer of the Power Unit.
The set is assembled in a box type "case", consisting of:
• Standard manometer.
• Hose 1,50m.
• Load cell

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