WCH Industrial Ltda


Capacity: 05-40 tons with spans up to 40 meters.

They are produced following strict quality standards, meeting the technical standards: NBR8400, NBR5410 and NR12, with:

• Direct traction system through gears coupled to the shaft;
• Control of sudden movements through frequency inverters;
• Truck wheels with bearings which compensate possible misalignment on the rails;
• Security siren and light signal.

The WCH Gantry Cranes and Overhead Gantry Cranes offer:

• After-sales support that brings assurance, security and tranquility for the acquisition of equipment and spare parts;
• A quality customer service with trained consultants and qualified to give any kind of support;
• Maintenance and training provided by WCH, which are constantly in evolving process.
• Manufacturing warranty;
• Other capacities on request.

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