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In sync with the market, the WCH has developed a new line of Slipformer machine which works with wet concrete: the new WCH Compact Slipformer type Wet Casting, being one more high-tech equipment which aims to provide the customer the best value for money in his production.

• Flexibility and versatility of production: The machine is composed with quick change system of the mold for the production of different types of profiles, among which we highlight Hollow-core Slabs, T-beams, Floor Slabs and others under request.
The sections of the Hollow-core Slabs to be manufactured can also be easily changeable with heights ranging between 8 and 30 cm.
• on of hand labor and production optimization: The machine has a quick and easy process of exchanging the mold, enabling the reduction of hand labor involved in the operation, in addition to avoiding machine stopping during the molding process, thereby improving the entire production process..
• Better finishing of the elements: The wet concrete consumed by the machine (slump 6-8) provides a better final finishing of the elements, without leaving visible marks, with the surface of the element entirely smooth.
• High molding speed: The speed is electronically regulated through the operation panel, with variable speed between 1.5 to 4.0m/min, according to the type of concrete and product to be manufactured.
• Low maintenance costs: All WCH equipment are extremely robust and have low maintenance costs, being limited only to the replacement of parts caused by natural wear such as sealing gaskets, bearings of the motovibrators and transmission belts.
• Permanent technical assistance: Ensures the best possible results for the WCH machines, fruit of an exceptional ongoing service and of a specialized after-sales team, always ready to provide the best solutions and able to make the best possible use of the machine within the productive patterns of each customer and their features.

1 Feeding Silo: Capacity of 1,5m³ of concrete, equipped with transfer system for concrete dosage in the "compression unit" performed by gravity.
2 Compaction Unit:Fixed pre-mold equipped with cushions system, enabling the start of the manufacturing of the product. The compaction unit is equipped with two motovibrators automatically lubricated through oil bath contained in a reservoir located above the vibrating bearings.
3 Mold with quick-change system: It defines the height of the product to be manufactured. Its exchange, besides being easy, is fast and it takes approximately 30 minutes, using only spanners to do the tightening of the clamping nuts.
4 Wire-guide Device: Responsible for the positioning of the prestressing wires. This device is easily inserted into the machine and is replaced according to the profile to be molded.
5 Control Panel: The panel is housed inside the equipment, avoiding the risk of accident during the operation. The operations are conducted through an articulated versatile panel (5.1), where the operator has all the controls in a easy way, with simple access and privileged view.

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