WCH Industrial Ltda


The WCH Slipformers are high productivity equipment, applied in the production of prefabricated elements which concrete, vibrate and provide surface finishing on concrete flat casting beds coated with steel or on metallic casting beds.

The Slipformers are suitable for the production of prestressed prefabricated elements, such as Panels/Hollow-core Slabs, Floor Slabs, T-beams, Double-T (I), Piles, V-beams and any other profiles that can be produced on flat casting beds.

With the total or partial replacement of the complementary molding machine, it is possible to produce several kinds of products such as, T-beams, Double T-beams, Piles, among others.

The Slipformer consists of two main components:

a) Feeding Unit (Silo): universal component that overrides Molding Machine and centralizes the electric and hydraulic control functions. It's composed of chassis and silo (hopper) for feeding the Complementary Molding Machine with concrete. The connection between the feeding silo and Complementary Molding Machine is done through sockets and electrical plugs/power control, hydraulically is done through push-pull couplings (quick) and mechanically is done through pin system "Fast Link".

b) Complementary Molding Machine sets the product to be molded. It centralizes the molding functions, vibration and traction machine. With its replacement, total or partial, it's possible to produce different profiles using the same feeding unit (Silo).



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