WCH Industrial Ltda


The WCH Slipformer for V-beams are suitable for the production of prestressed V-beams used for the assembly of large buildings such as industrial warehouses, supermarkets, parking lots and others.

The Slipformer consists of:

Universal Feeding Silo with double feed;
Double feeding the front and rear bucket, with mechanical pestles for the pre-compaction;.
Universal unit equipped with cable reel for machine's traction, electric cable reel and electric panel/control;
Main chassis with guide wheels and support wheels, to receive the universal unity;
Vibratory box set of high and low frequency, for the compaction and finishing of the beam;
The beams are produced in various heights, such as 35, 37, 40, 45 and 55cm, and in recent years, which prevailed were two basic heights: