WCH Industrial Ltda


The WCH Slipformers are suitable for the production of prestressed prefabricated elements, such as T-beams, Double-T (I), Panels/Hollow-core Slabs, Floor Slabs, and any other profiles that can be produced on flat casting beds.

Consists of two main components:

a)Feeding Unit (Silo).

b) Complementary Molding Machine which sets the product to be molded.

Technical data:

Electro-hydraulic four wheels traction.
Two stages of feeding and compacting.
Adjustment of the profile's heights.
Production speed of 1.20 up to 2.40m/min
according to the produced profile.
Prestressed Slabs - T-beams:
• Simultaneous production of 8, 10 or 12 prestressed beams;
• Height adjustment of the mold up to 16cm;
• Productivity of approx. 1200 linear meters with the Slipformer for 12 T-beams;
• Dry Concrete (slump zero), resulting in elements of very high strength (40-55 MPa / 6500 to 8000 psi);
• Versatility and speed to produce different products;
• Low labor costs in the production;
• Low maintenance cost;
• Operation flexibility.
The beams are produced in casting beds of polished concrete, with a length between 100 and 200m, being industrial floor and foundation blocks to the anchoring heads, which support themselves against the industrial floor to support the compression of the prestressing. We provide the projects for the execution of the foundations and frames, which are executed by the customer.