WCH Industrial Ltda


The WCH Slipformer machine for producing Panels/Hollow-core Slabs consists of two main components:

a)Feeding Unit (Silo).

b) Complementary Molding Machine which sets the product to be molded.

Technical data:

Electro-hydraulic four wheels traction.
Two stages of feeding and compacting.
Adjustment of the profile's heights.
Production speed of 1.20 up to 2.40m/min
according to the produced profile.
Panels/Hollow-core Slabs:

• Heights from 6cm up to 40cm through the exchanging of the internal molds;
• Production up to 150m²/hour (the production speed may vary according to the product);
• Panels/Hollow-core Slabs with 30% up to 50% empty space;
• Dry Concrete (slump zero), resulting in elements of very high strength (40-55 MPa / 5500 to 8300 psi);
• Versatility and speed to produce different products;
• Reduced material costs;
• Low labor cost in the production;
• Low maintenance cost.
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