WCH Industrial Ltda


The Slipformer WCH produces piles with resistance assurance and reduces cracks in the cross sections during the handling and pile driving.

The machine consists of two main components:

a) Feeding Unit (Silo): universal component that overrides Molding Machine and centralizes the electric and hydraulic control functions. It's composed of chassis and silo (hopper) for feeding the Complementary Molding Machine with concrete. The connection between the feeding silo and Complementary Molding Machine is done through sockets and electrical plugs/power control, hydraulically is done through push-pull couplings (quick) and mechanically is done through pin system "Fast Link".
b) Complementary Molding Machine sets the product to be molded. It centralizes the molding functions, vibration and traction machine. With its replacement, total or partial, it's possible to produce different profiles using the same feeding unit (Silo).

Ratio lane/linear meter of production of piles, considering a lane with 120 meters length

• High strength of the concrete;
• Ease of transport and handling on site;
• Quickness in pile driving;
• Cleaned construction site;
Technical data:
• Electro-hydraulic traction on all 4 wheels;
• Two stages of feeding and compaction;
• Production speed of 1.20 up to 2.80m/min according to the produced profile;
• Front wire guider.

The piles are produced in casting beds of polished concrete, with a length between 100 and 200m, being industrial floor and foundation blocks to the anchoring heads, which support themselves against the industrial floor to support the compression of the prestressing. We provide the projects for the execution of the foundations and frames, which are executed by the customer..