WCH Industrial Ltda


The WCH Silos have welded rings, ensuring thus the stored cement does not take moisture from the external environment. They are provided with guillotine valve, air aerators in the output cone, cleaning hatch, antipollution filter (type cartridge) with pneumatic cleaning system and pressure valve.

Bag rip device composed of:

• Storage bucket with gravity discharge (capacity according to customer's needs).

• Higher grid for opening the cement bag.

• Lower grid for containment of impurities or loosened pieces of paper.

• Antipollution system for environmental control: Provided with filters (cartridge type) with filtering area of 24,5m² and pneumatic cleaning system with electronic monitoring.

• Dispenser of water and additive per volume: Composed by hydrometers of electronic measurement controlled by the automating system, that activates the solenoid valve for opening and interrupting the water flow. The measurement can be performed through weighing by load cells.