WCH Industrial Ltda


It is composed of a moisture probe on the bottom of the sand bin and with Smart-Basic measuring system coupled to the automation system. It performs around 20 measurements per second and enables the traceability of the percentage value of moisture present in the aggregates for a quick correction of the dosage.

• Basic probe for sand, with manometric wear head coupled for sand moisture measurement. The probe is fixed in the bottom of the sand bin through a fixing support.

• Fixing Support, for fixing the probe in the sand bin.

• FL-DIGI Smart-Basic Module:processor that receives the measurement probe signal and interprets/converts the values for the moisture measurement.

It is equipped with:

LCD screen where it shows the value of the mixture's moisture;

USB port for maintenance and calibration via software;

Serial output RS232 / 485 for integration with control system
and automation;

For other control systems and automatic moisture adjustment, it shall be evaluated the integration with the existing system.

Included: cable and connection box, which connects the cable of the basic probe for sand to the Smart Basic Module.

• Basic Probe for Sand

• Fixing Support