WCH Industrial Ltda


Moisture control system for mixers.
• Moisture Probe for mixer: uses static microwaves to measure the percentage of moisture of the concrete inside the mixer. The moisture probe is fixed in the bottom of the mixer and performs around 20 measurements per second, providing thus a fast and representative measurement of water/cement ratio.

• Metallic Support: composed by two rings, one of which is welded to the mixer frame and the other for fixing the measuring probe, allowing a fast adjustment and its replacement. Attached to the top of the support, there is a special ring to minimize the impacts and shocks suffered by the moisture measurer, thereby ensuring maximum performance and longer useful life of the equipment.

• Smart Module-Basic FL-DIGI: processor that receives signal from the moisture probe and interprets, converts, transmits and shows the percentage values of moisture.

It is equipped with:
• LCD screen where it shows the value of the mixture's moisture;
• USB port for maintenance and calibration via software;
  • Serial output RS232 / 485 for integration with control system and automation;

For other control systems and automatic moisture adjustment, it shall be evaluated the integration with the existing system.

Included: cable and connection box, which connects the cable of the basic probe for sand to the Smart Basic Module.

• FL-DIGI Smart-Basic Module

³ Metallic Support

• Moisture Probe