WCH Industrial Ltda


The WCH Planetary Mixers with countercurrent and vertical axis are installed in accordance with the demands required by the customer, which can be from 750 up to 4500 liters of homogenized concrete per cycle.

Due to the combined mixing system between the star rotation and the speed of the mixing blade, it is guaranteed a fast and efficient concrete mixing, reaching the homogeneity in a short time and ensuring a high quality concrete.

The large diameter of the mixer results in a lower height and in a bigger space to mix the concrete and, consequently, results in lower loads in the gears of the reducer.

• Internal coating with anti-wear plates of high quality and high resistance, increasing the useful life and reducing production downtime.

• Hydraulic coupling for protecting the gear of the reducer against shocks and overloads caused during the mixing of the aggregates.

• Gearboxes designed with high durability gears immersed in oil bath, suitable for heavy works. Longer useful life and lower maintenance costs.

• Planetary composed of protected arms and special alloy blades heat treated to minimize wear and the cost/m³.