WCH Industrial Ltda


The WCH manufacturing system produces 12 prestressed T-beams, with a simple process, versatile, lean and affordable for companies that want to innovate, producing high-tech slabs with low initial investment.
The production process is based on the concrete method arranged molds in the longitudinal direction, aiming at the highest possible length for the application of prestressing, since the cost of the set of anchoring heads is equal for a lane with 40 or 150 meters.

Benefits of Prestressed T-beam:
• Reduction and elimination of shoring;
• Lower consumption of concrete and labor in the capping;
• Ease of assembly;
• Lower distribution equipment consumption;
• Lower cost compared to lattice slabs;
• Shortening of the deadline of the project execution;
• Superior resistance;
• Long span; more economical and better control of the flexion.