WCH Industrial Ltda


It enables the production of several measures of columns, allowing full flexibility in the location of the brackets..
Assembled over uplifted base with fast step system for fixing the sides, it provides fast assembly, thereby allowing labor savings, lower costs and higher profitability.

This mold prioritizes economy and practicality::

• Nearly 80% of the components are from the Flex System (beds, rods, fixings).

• Uplifted levelling base, which allows the manufacturing of details on all sides of the element.

• It has no tube for lifting the bed. However, the mold has side sets which enable the manufacture of pieces with two heights, such as 30/40cm, 50/60cm, etc.

• Interchangeable beds of 20cm up to 60cm.

• Ancillary components, such as: Molds for the brackets (can be metal or wood made), beds that make possible the manufacture of the brackets in the down side of the mold without cuts.