WCH Industrial Ltda


The Flex sistemensures a greater agility and flexibility in producing a wide range of profiles on a single production lane, such as I-beam, gutter beam, rectangular beam, closing panel, among others.
It consists of: a standard levelling base, which is screwed in the industrial floor of the factory and can receive different sides and beds.
The bed may be elevated through flexible production of different products.
The assembly of the side (mold) in the levelling base is made by a system type Fast Step in a safely and quickly way, resulting in saving labor costs and labor, eliminating pins, screws, wedges, systems these which are inefficient compared to the setup time.
The Fast Step allows the operator to apply a closing pressure on the sides which ensures tightness of the mold according to the needs of each product, the type of the chosen vibration and concrete slump used without damaging the gasket. After fixing into the leveling base, the side is plumb through adjustable side rods with practical fitting and protection of the screw against dirt and concrete.
The Flex Mold, besides the flexibility of the exchange of the molds in a single production lane, allows quickness, easy handling and assembly. Therefore reduces the quantity of lanes for the same production and optimizes the useful floor area of the molds, thus avoiding the need of several lanes and molds idle at the factory.

The system ensures:
• Shorter setup;
• Easy Handling;
• Labor cost savings;
• Less physical space;
• Perfect finishing of the elements and high profitability.

The side and beds are custom manufactured; other components are standardized and manufactured in templates that ensure perfect joints, exact parts, immediate replacement and compatibility with existing Flex facilities in the factories, all with the guarantee of Weiler-C. Holzberger.