WCH Industrial Ltda


The panels can be smooth or with door and window openings. The mold can receive vibration by immersion or external vibration with high frequency motovibrators.

The mold is composed of:
• Rigid supporting structure, made in rolled profiles. The profiles are joined by screws, facilitating its assembly, disassembly and transport for various construction sites;
• Walkway and stairs have guardrails to ensure the safety of workers;
• Molds with rollers that glide on the rails of the main structure and 3/16" cover plate. These features provide excellent weight/resistance ratio. The fixing is carried out every two molds of rapid and complete way through rods with threads (type Dywidag), ensuring excellent sealing;
• Interchangeable beds of various widths, which can be assembled and disassembled easily without damaging the molds;
• Locking forepart (combs) with regulation system to facilitate and ensure the length of the panels, as well as the parallel of the end.