WCH Industrial Ltda


The WCH Metallic Molds are modern and high technology, ensuring an excellent finishing of the elements with an agile and secure mounting, giving top priority to safety, quickness and quality in the execution of the elements. We offer complete solutions for the production of prefabricated elements in metallic molds.

Attributes that make WCH a qualified supplier of Metallic Molds:
• Product quality (structure, kind of material, plate thickness, stiffness);
• Standardization and spare parts of the items that make up the system;
• Durability of the metallic panels of the molds;
• Ease in modulating panels and other profiles;
• Flexibility of projects and processes suitable for each client, developed by qualified professionals with experience in technology industrialization of construction;
• Technical support (delivery, after-sales service, providing training and technical assistance);
• Possibility of financing by BNDES credit line, PROGER or Leasing;
• Quality Management System ISO 9001:2000.

The investment for producing precast elements with WCH system has an assured return:
• The WCH devices offer versatility and ease of operation;
• Cost savings in consumables;
• High productivity;
• Low maintenance cost;
• Low cost of man-hours.

Our mold systems are divided into: