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Extruder EX203,high productivity equipment used in the production of prestressed prefabricated elements.
It allows the production of Panels and Hollow-core Slabs using a single Power Unit - UM203 and several Compaction Units (UC) for heights of 16, 18, 20, 26, 32 and 40cm.
The compaction of the panel is made with a modern process of rotating augers, which press and vibrate the concrete, resulting in continuous speed. The Compaction Units are pre-regulated, providing a higher agility in the substitutions of the profiles (heights) and further reduction of machine's unproductive time.

Main features:

• Productivity up to 120 m²/hour;
• Panels with 37% up to 50% empty space;
• Dry Concrete (slump zero), resulting in elements of very high strength (70-75 MPa / 8500-9300 psi);
• Homogeneous compaction through electronic and individual adjustment of the speed of augers, which can be adjusted easily during the production;
• Reduced noise level;
• Versatility and speed to produce different heights;
• High savings of concrete due to reduced cement consumption per m³;
• Low labor; just one operator is needed.

Technical data:
• Propulsion through rotating augers;
• Compaction by internal mechanical vibrators and external motovibrator;
• Concrete's compressing by the conicity of the augers;
• Production speed of 1 up to 1.80m/min according to the height of the Panel/Hollow-core Slab to be produced;
• Installed power: 95cv.

Versatile, the Extruder WCH-EX203 allows the production of panels with heights from 16 up to 40cm and width of 1,20 and 1,25m.
Click here to learn about the applications and benefits of the Panels/Hollow-core Slabs:

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