WCH Industrial Ltda


The Panels/Hollow-core Slabs are widely used in floors, slabs and closing walls of residential and commercial buildings, industrial buildings and public constructions, walls, bleachers, footbridges, among others. Applied in different spans and several overloads.



High quality homogeneous products, controlled by industrial process;
Reduced own weight, resulting in savings in foundations and structures;
Fast and easy assembly, without molds, allows the continuity of the work;
Does not need shoring and formworks;
Rest in structures made of:
  - Conventional concrete..
    - Structural Masonry.
    - Precast concrete or metal.
Reduction of time in construction;
Ease of transportation to construction site;
Practicality in stacking and handling;
Versatility in application;
Economy of hand labor in construction;
Reduced weight of the slab and floor;
Easy application with high level of productivity at the factory and assembly;
Large spans and overloads;
Thermal and acoustic comfort.

Passage of ducts:
It can pass the ducts or pipes by any of the three ways following indicated:.

  Concrete Batching Plant Cutting Machine Prestressing Destressing Ancillary Equipment