WCH Industrial Ltda

WCH - Weiler-C. Holzberger Industrial Ltda.

Since 1977, the company is located in Rio Claro/SP and has a complete structure to serve companies in the local and international markets.
WCH develops special systems for all customers and produces several kinds of equipment which ensure complete solutions for the production of reinforced or prestressed prefabricated concrete.

Mr. Herbert Holzberger was born on December 16th, 1925 in the city of Bingen - Germany. Active and determined, still young took part in World War II as an aspiring officer, having served in campaigns in Italy. After the war, he went to college, graduating in economics and specializing as a business consultant in the taxes area.
In 1965, Mr. Herbert acquired the company Weiler in Bingen on the banks of River Rhine.

It begins thus the Weiler history as an innovator and developer of technologies, machines and equipment designed for the industry of prestressed precast concrete.
But Mr. Herbert aimed to expand his business horizons and in 1974, he designated the responsibility to the sons Helmut and Bernd Holzberger, who came to Brazil to start assembling and producing equipment for the precast prestressed industry in Brazil and Latin America.
So, in 1977, Weiler Alfa Ltda. is founded in the city of Rio Claro starting a production and releasing of machinery, equipment and especially knowledge in the precast area for the Brazilian civil construction.

In 1998 Mr. Herbert, already with 73 years old, transferred his shareholding in Weiler of Brazil to his grandson Klaus Holzberger (then aged 17), son of Mr. Helmut, beginning so the participation of the third generation of the family. . In 2001, Mr. Klaus Holzberger started an internship at WCH working in the technical area, costs and sales department, coming to graduate in 2003 as a Mechanical Engineer and, in 2006, a graduate degree in Business Management at Getúlio Vargas Foundation.
Currently the company is managed by Mr. Helmut Holzberger and Eng. Klaus Holzberger.