WCH Industrial Ltda

Assembled on the same platform of the Standard Cutting Machine (model MCS), and to automate the cutting process all the driving are executed through control buttons, assembled on pendant buttonhole.
The displacement of the machine over the lane is performed by traction of the rear wheels, driven with a hydraulic motor through a manual command, thereof may be the speed controlled by the regulating flow valves.
The carriage assembly of the saw, which connects the disk, is driven through a selector control button for semi-automatic or manual cutting. In the semiautomatic function, the cutting cycle, when pressing the button, lower, cuts, raises and returns, being executed in one single operation.
In the manual function, the operations are performed through independent buttons. Both in semi-automatic and manual function, the speeds of the disk may be adjusted by the regulating flow valve.

• Maximum cutting height: 40cm
• Cutting disks: up to 1200mm