WCH Industrial Ltda


WHC produces several equipment to ancillary and rationalize the production of prefabricated elements, making it more agile, versatile, lean and economical.


Concrete Conveyor Car (buckets)

With capacity to transport simultaneously two buckets with capacity to be defined. It moves over rails installed on industrial floor or over the rails of the production lane. It comprises structure, platform and seat for the operator.

Option 1:

With actuation by motoreducer through electric control. Equipped with:
• Frequency inverter for smooth acceleration ramp, and speed control up to 85m / min.
• Electrical output for energized rails.

Option 2:

With hydraulic set with combustion engine VNG (Vehicular Natural Gas), actuated by hydraulic motor through manual command. Equipped with:
• Smooth acceleration with directional valve and speed control up to 70m/min
• Structure, platform and seat for the operator.

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