WCH Industrial Ltda


WHC produces several equipment to ancillary and rationalize the production of prefabricated elements, making it more agile, versatile, lean and economical.


WCH Service Car

WCH has developed one more strategic equipment that optimizes the production process in precast plants, associating technology to decrease labor costs and to increase the productivity.
The daily work involving the cleaning of the lanes, application of release agents and distribution of prestressing steels can now be done quickly, efficient and simplified way, replacing hours and several employees by one single device: WCH Service Car, a multifunctional solution that aggregates automation and increased productivity.

The WCH Service Car distributes wires, sweeps, sucks and oils (release agent) on the production lanes. The equipment, which is operated by only one employee, performs the work in an agile and functional way, providing:

Work will be performed by only one employee;
Water savings: the equipment uses minimal amounts for cleaning the lanes;
Economy in the application of release agent = the equipment uses only the necessary amount for oiling the lane, avoiding waste and excesses;
Safety: the operations are no longer performed manually, but by the equipment, which will make all the cleaning of the lanes, rails and distribution of steel on the lanes.

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