WCH Industrial Ltda


WHC produces several equipment to ancillary and rationalize the production of prefabricated elements, making it more agile, versatile, lean and economical.


Wire Distributor Car
Ideal for distributing wires / strands in the prestressing lanes.


Pulled by a winch with steel cable, for pulling the wires and electro-mechanical front-wheel drive to return on the lane;
Platform chassis with seat for operator, which provides access to the electric control panel and mechanical controls;

Changeable device for the prestressing steels. The steels which will be fixed in the device with closed wedge-housing that rotates according to the unwinding of the reel;
Set of reel for automatic winding of the power cord, driven by motor-torque.

  Prestressing De-stressing Accessories Extruder Slipformer Metallic Molds