WCH Industrial Ltda


WHC produces several equipment to ancillary and rationalize the production of prefabricated elements, making it more agile, versatile, lean and economical.


Articulated Car for Concrete Conveyor

This is a great alternative for internal concrete conveyor, facilitating transport and placing the concrete near the point of application in conditions and timely manner.
For this reason, we developed the WCH Articulated Car for Concrete Conveyor


It runs over rails in a speed up to 120m/min, therefore, 3 to 5 times faster compared to traditional rolling gantry cranes;

Agility, because it can move in curves with varying angles, and can supply multiple lanes of concrete in different sectors;

Stable movement, avoiding harmful vibrations to the concrete, especially the self-compacting concrete;

Load capacity: two buckets with total volume of 4m³;

Engine: electric, VNG, LPG and ethanol/gasoline.

This system is in operation in the facilities of the factory Leonardi Construções and is used daily in the production. The system can be fully automated, electronically controlled since the request of concrete in the batching plant, to the point where the concrete is discharged, feeding so the molds, machines, Slipformers and Extruders, among others.
The versatility of the WCH conveyor systems allows so, in the same rails where the concrete is transported, be disposed the products that are ready for storage, and also to transport other types of products such as equipment parts.
All these benefits are available for a small investment, which minimize the operating costs of your plant.

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